From apartment and office building carports to park shelters, covered walkways, long-term
covered parking and other custom canopy structures, Elite 3 Construction is your source for
quality metal structures, built to suit your site-specific needs and professionally installed.



We offer many different styles of carports to suit your site-specific needs, with choices of
design elements including: standard T-posts, 2 foot off-set posts, cantilevered construction,
double post systems and gabled roofs at custom pitches.


Awnings and covered walkways that protect customers, residents and office workers from the elements can be a valuable addition to your commercial, residential or office building site. We can help design the perfect solution for your needs. Including a swimming pool in your multi-residential project? Our cabanas offer shelter and shade, and add a luxurious touch poolside. Ask us about our custom designs.


solar carports

Adding solar panels to the roof of a carport can generate enough power to light the parking
area and other parts of your apartment or office complex, resulting in long-term energy cost
savings. We engineer our solar-equipped carports to safely bear the added weight of solar


If you don’t see the structure you’re hoping to build shown on our website, please get in touch with us about your needs. Our management team has 25 years combined experience in creating custom-built metal structures, including a recent project in Boise, Idaho creating a car-wash bay for semi-trucks. We also create pavilions for parks and playgrounds. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help you make them a reality.




We specialize in repairing metal structures as well as building and installing them. Whether it’s damage from wind or weather, the results of a vehicular accident, or normal wear-and- tear, carports and other metal structures require regular maintenance. We offer repair services using commercial grade materials from the original manufacturer and color matching. Contact us for a repair quote today.